4+2 10/100M Long Distance PoE Switch-POE-2006-4E-65W

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4 x 10/100M PoE port + 2 X 10/100M uplink port, 65W unmanaged PoE switch. 

The PoE switch support IEEE802.3af/at POE standard, using advanced sens
ing algorithm, only for the terminal device which support the IEEE802.3af/at
power over Ethernet standard, do not need to worry about damage to private
standard PoE or non- PoE devices. Automatic recognition of PoE demand,
speed, duplex and using the Auto Uplink cable, simple and convenient to use,
no need to configure, plug and play.
The PoE switch designed for commercial network, for example, some need to
simplify the wireless access point (AP) and network camera installation based
on IP. These away from the power socket device usually hung on the wall or
the ceiling height. PoE eliminates the equipment specially connected with the
power socket. The connection from the AC power supply equipment more flex
ible, simplified wiring, flexible and extensible, get rid of affection by power
line layout constraints in family and office network.
Design of high performance to price ratio, compact, flexible, EC series is the
ideal chioce of small business network to economical use of PoE deployment
of wireless access point (AP) and IP camera.

Main characteristics
• The Max distance of power supply is 250 meters.
• 6 10/100M adaptive RJ45 port, 4 port with PoE function.
• Each port supports auto MDI/MDIX and auto negotiation.
• Store and forwarding, support port isolation.
• Support two lightning of uplink port.
• Support IEEE 802.3x Full-Duplex and Backpressure Half-Duplex.
• Support IEEE802.3af/at standards, can provide 15.4W/30W per p ort.
• Automatic detection and recognition PD device which in accordan ce with
IEEE 802.3af/at and power supply for the device.
• Intelligent power management, if the electrical equipment pow er exceeds
the normal power output, the system will cut off power supply of the port,
after 1-2 minutes, it will reexamination and power supply.
• Low power consumption, no fan design, natural heat




Ask a Question
  • Regarding the two ports labeled Wan and NVR. Is that just for keeping track of which patch cord is which? Or is there some form of function in the switch that differentiates between the Wan and NVR. It just seems like two uplink ports that I have seen on other unmanaged POE switches

     it doesn't matter, two port equals the same, it just for reminder. 
    thank you for purchase from us. 

    Centropower USA

  • We got the PoE-2006-4E-65W and it has a switch on it for either LAN or IPC. Switching to either setting does not seem to change anything. The PoE ports still output power even when set to LAN and the speed does not change. Also, the booklet says the switch has 6x 10/100 ports, but the PoE ports are only connecting at 10Mbps and the LAN and NVR ports are the only ones that connect at 100Mbps.

    Hello Brain 
    Thank you for purchasing from us. 
    It is a PoE switch, and special design to CCTV survillance application for long distance transmition up to 825ft. 
    the function for IPC/Lan, 
    Lan, it works as normal PoE switch, it sends power and data at 10/100M, for up to 330ft.
    IPC, it works as long distance PoE switch, it sends power and data at 10M, for up to 825ft.
    and it comes with two 10/100M uplink port, one to wan, one to NVR.  
    if you have any more question, please contact 6263918868.